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Leading Manufacturer of Custom Game Room Products

Pharaoh Manufacturing is one of the largest manufacturers of luxury game room furniture in the USA. We are uniquely focused on offering products that fit our customer's particular taste and needs. That is why all of our luxury game room and office furniture is highly customizable.

We apply the expertise we have gained from over 30 years of combined experience to each and every element of your game room. You won't find any other manufacturer of custom modern game room products that has such a high level of design and quality built into each item.

Our attention to detail combined with our passion for superior craftsmanship make Pharaoh a gaming furniture design power house! Using top-quality materials and lumber, we bring you the game room of your dreams or that executive office that you always imagined.

Excellence in Design and Production

Our products speak for themselves as they showcase excellence in design and production. You will find a wide variety of poker tables for sale and many other meticulously made products with cutting-edge design and top-of-the-line elements, unmatched anywhere in the industry.

We offer a full line of Game Room Furniture:

  • Billiard Tables
  • Pool Tables
  • Blackjack Tables
  • Round Poker Tables
  • Roulette Tables
  • Texas Hold'em Tables
  • Craps Table
  • Lighting and Cue Racks
  • Chairs and Bar Stools
  • Bar and Mirror
  • & More!

Anything you can imagine from custom pool tables to poker tables and craps tables is possible here at Pharaoh Manufacturing! We can even add a custom name, logo, and color designs to your product selection. We don't recommend adding layouts to pool tables as it will compromise the playing accuracy.

One of the Prestige Manufacturers Of Custom Game Furniture

Pharaoh Manufacturing is one of the largest manufacturers of luxury game room furniture in the USA that offers customers so many options for design and construction. All our pool tables for sale and other products are hand-crafted and American-made right here at our facility in Glendale, California, so we have complete control over the design and manufacturing process.

Pharaoh is a full-service manufacturer. We assist you with the design of your entire room, in person or online. With customization you can carefully select the type, color, and shape of every material for every item from poker tables & craps tables, to billiard tables so your game room or home office will have that special flare and look that is uniquely you.

All Pharaoh Manufacturing products come with a Life Time Warranty.

For even more game room products, visit Nationwidegaming.com. Owned and operated by Pharaoh Manufacturing, you will find affordable and great quality products there which can be seen in movies, poker tours and reality shows such as Next, Poseidon, Full Tilt Poker and World Poker Tour.

Call Toll Free – 888 545 0066 to talk to a game room expert at Pharaoh Manufacturing now!

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