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Shuffle King II card shuffler

card shuffler

Shuffle King is designed to meet the highest standards of your casino or poker club. The second
generation of this prestigious shuffling machine excells in top-level reliability and technical
processing. All this under the most favorable price conditions.

System of two card decks allows you to use one deck in play while the other deck is simultaneously
shuffled to be ready for the next deal. The shuffle is governed by a GLI approved random number
generator. Game deceleration caused by hand shuffling is eliminated, thereby your rake is
significantly increased. Dealer has more time to pay attention to the game. Cards are always
shuffled properly.

◦ absolutely reliable random shuffle in 35 sec.
◦ increases game productivity by about 30%
◦ much better gaming comfort and safety
◦ easy operation and simple staff training
◦ automatic recount of cards with each shuffle
◦ notice of incorrect number of cards
◦ design matched to gambling room interior
◦ warranty 100,000 cycles or 12 months

The shuffling mechanism is designed for one deck of plastic or paper cards of max. size 88 x 63 mm
(also narrow cards sized 88 x 57 mm can be processed). Card width can be easily adjusted in user
menu. Card shuffling is completely random.
At the end of each shuffling, the total number of cards in the deck is displayed. If the number is
different from 52, the dealer will see a notice of an incorrect number of cards on the display.

Custom Casino Chips


Copag Playing Cards

COPAG Plastic cards are the official cards of the WSOP and have a reputation for high quality and long durability. The cards are 100% plastic and will last a very long time with proper care and handling. Each set comes in a black plastic holder with cover for safe storage.

The size of the cards are available in bridge and poker size, in 2 different colors.

  • Virtually impossible to mark, dent, or crimp
  • Odor resistant
  • Washable
  • 100% plastic

Chip Cases

Aluminum Chip Trays

Professional Aluminum Dealer Chip Tray & Locking Cover. The tray is made of a durable powder coated aluminum with a locking aluminum framed see through cover of thick clear acrylic. The locking cover comes with two keys and is easily removed or attached to access or secure your poker chips. This tray is made from high quality materials and built to last a lifetime.

Metal Drop Box

This is a Slimline Universal Professional Casino Drop Box complete with shield, two cam locks and four keys.  This quality steel drop box is easily mounted in the shield on the underside of casino gaming table with five screws and provides a layer of protection for the holding of monies collected (chips and bills) on the various shifts throughout the day.  This item offers two different sets of keys. The first set of keys unlocks the drop box from the outer shield.  The outer shield is the steel cover that is attached to the underside of the game table and holds the drop box securely. The drop box locks directly into the shield.  During the release, the drop box hole closes to ensure against tampering.    

Chips fall through the money drop slot or poker drop slide into the hole in the shield, and finally into the drop box. The second set of keys opens the side door of the drop box and the contents can be removed.  This item also features a sturdy handle to ensure that the heavy weight is easily and safely transported away from the table to the casino cashier cage. 

  • Our standard casino quality slimline drop box and shield
  • Dual professional cam locks with four keys
  • Quality inner drop box spring mechanism
  • Universal style (accepts both chips and paper money)
  • Measures 12 1/4 x 5 7/8 x 8 3/8 inches

Blackjack Accessories

This Blackjack Accessories Set has everything you need to get the game started. The casino accessories set includes a six a six-deck acrylic dealer shoe, 6-deck discard holder and a colorful cut card for quick dealing. Use it for a game at home or at a party. Comes standard with all blackjack table purchases.

Blackjack Accessories Set:

  • Everything you need for home play or for use in a Casino-night setting:
  • 6-deck acrylic dealer shoe
  • 6-deck acrylic discard holder
  • 4 color plastic cut cards

Billiards accessory kit

FOUR CUES - Four two piece cues featuring hard rock maple, pro taper shafts, genuine Irish linen wraps, and Le Pro tips. Cues are standard full length 58 inches from butt to tip. Genuine Cuetec cues are 58 inches so these are custom cue length! These four cues will include one of each weight (18, 19, 20 and 21 oz). These four cues are not your average cues as sold in many other kits. Le-Professional tips from Tweeten USA and the Pro-taper shafts resulting in a great balance, hit and feel. Colors of each individual cue are shown below and may differ slightly.  We sell this same cue in our retail store locally and for just one cue, we charge $64.99.  So the value of the four cues is worth about 70% of price of this entire kit. 

BALL SET Cuetec Official Pool Balls

  • These are a good balls for the general player.
  • Fancier type numbers that are usually found in high dollar ball sets.
  • Cuetec logo on cue ball.
  • This ball set is regulation size of 2 1/4 inch and regulation weight.
  • Affordable pool balls with outstanding performance.
  • Lifetime manufacture warranty. 

TABLE COVER8' Fitted cover 

  • Brand new 8' fitted naugahyde Dark brown cover for your pool table.
  • This is a nice naugahyde cover that will fit your standard 8 foot leather pocket or modern style pool table perfectly.
  • The 8' fitted naugahyde covers an outside (OD) dimension of up to 56"x100".
  • This is a nice quality heavy duty cover that will last your table a lifetime under normal usage. 
  • Gross weight on this cover is over 6 pounds!   


  • 1 bridge cue and chrome bridge head
  • 1 deluxe mahogany finish 15 ball rack (triangle)
  • 1 deluxe mahogany finish 9 ball rack
  • 1 two piece mahogany finish 8 cue wall rack
  • 1 8' (56x100) dark brown naugahyde pool table cover
  • NOTE** naugahyde cover will fit any 8' table up to 56" x 100"
  • 1 horsehair mahogany finish table brush
  • 1 mahogany finish under rail brush
  • 1 official rule book
  • 2 table spots
  • 1 cue tip repair kit that includes replacement ferrules, 2 extra pieces of chalk, tips, glue and clamp!
  • 1 mandolin 9" cue tip shaper
  • 12 pieces of Imperial blue cue chalk
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