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Choosing Custom Pool Tables for Rec Rooms: When Space is an Issue

Posted by: Vaugh Cohen on November 7, 2014

In the United States, many college-bound kids move out of their parents’ home and opt for on-campus housing instead. As such, parents find themselves with a spare bedroom. Some choose to leave it as is, while some choose to use it for something worthwhile. In a recent article for AOL, writer Aaron Crowe states that turning a spare room into a gym is popular among American folks, but there are far more uses for a spare room than this.

Choosing Custom Pool Tables for Rec Rooms When Space is an Issue

Crowe writes that a spare room can be transformed into a crafts room, an entertainment center, library, home office, yoga studio, and even a playroom specifically for pets. Most of these choices though are not ideal for those couples who often want to have guests over. For them, Crowe suggests a game room instead.

A game room can be equipped according to the couples’ liking: a Ping-Pong table if they have a fondness for table tennis, a simple flat table if they like card games, or a pool table if they’re fanatics of the sport. If couples go with the last option, they need to decide between buying custom pool tables or ready-made.

While buying a table straight from a store is convenient, there are advantages to going for a customized option. With this, they have the luxury of choosing a high-quality construction material and finishing that blend in with their interior design.

The next thing to consider when choosing a pool table is its size. Standard pool tables for the home are at least 7 or 8 ft. long. Those who are worried how a standard-size bedroom can fit a pool table can breathe a sigh of relief, for some of them feature designs that cater to small spaces. An obvious space-saver is the foldable one. This table allows its owners to fold the legs whenever playtime is over. This choice also allows for easy storage.

Another great choice is a pool table that doubles as a dining table, which is exactly what companies like Pharaoh Manufacturing sell. Unlike the foldable option, which can be flimsy at times, the legs of a pool table with a dining table top have a traditional design, allowing for optimum sturdiness for every game.

A spare room being turned into a game room is useful. Still, to make the most out of this project, it is important that people find the right equipment, including the best pool tables for sale that suit their home’s style and space.

(Source: Better Things to Do With a Spare Bedroom Than Make It a Gym,, November 4, 2014)

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