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Custom Modern Office Furniture is Vital in Today’s Corporate World

Posted by: on December 23, 2014

Many companies tend to take their employees’ workspaces for granted, considering them as nothing more than necessary “overhead” to keep the business going. To dispel this misconception, Kevin Salwen, a former reporter from the Wall Street Journal, helped write a study that shows entrepreneurs and managers everywhere how important a conducive office design really is to the success of a business.

An article published in Woodworking Network briefly identified some points as to why companies should have a change of attitude toward employees’ workspaces:

• Real estate costs are rising roughly 10 percent a year;

• A scorching war for talent is underway (and expected to worsen); and

• Demand for innovation amid global competition is acute.

Only one in four U.S. workers say they have optimal workplace environments, according to a 2013 survey by San Francisco architectural firm Gensler. “Design may be the single most underleveraged tool in the business world,” says Salwen.

Office furniture is a key component in office design, and research points to using modular, yet contemporary-looking desks, chairs, and similar office equipment as a contributor in boosting productivity.

Creating a customized workspace using modern furniture does not have to be daunting, as furniture makers like Pharaoh Manufacturing provide high-quality modern office furniture that caters to their workers’ needs. Not only do they help keep employees happy and motivated, customized furniture also helps promote a company’s corporate brand, especially to outsiders.

Some experts even argue that shifting towards modern furniture and workplace design is more of a necessity than a way to simply improve their bottom-line. Customized furniture sends workers the message that the company cares for them, and this goes a long way to improving productivity and worker retention. Customized furniture can also be used to create ‘breakout areas’ in the workplace, which allow employees to unwind and socialize, thus encouraging collaboration and camaraderie among themselves.

That said, the intention to buy quality office furniture for the modern workplace shouldn’t come at the expense of a lot of time and money. Employers are still encouraged to plan their budget such that they won’t be breaking the bank with their new purchases. It is also important to have ergonomic and reliable furniture for the sake of their workers.

As Salwen’s research proves, office furniture and design are much more important than most companies think; and in essence, companies that invest in quality furniture are already doing their own business a huge favor.

(Source: Is There A Business Case For Office Design?, Woodworking Network, November 01, 2014)

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