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For Convertible Pool Tables for Sale, Limited Space Won't Be a Problem

Posted by: on December 19, 2014

While many Americans struggle with mortgage dues, an increasing number of families are living the good life at less than 200 sq. ft.

These days, more and more people are getting tiny homes, which, basically are those sized no biggger than 230 sq. ft. At around $23,000 a pop, a family of four can have their own tiny home with the amenities of a traditional one, from kitchen to bedroom. These families aren't necessarily cash-strapped; many of them are earning above the national average.

Tiny home owners are masters of space management. Part of owning one is learning how to make the most out of your 20-sq-ft. floor area. You can have a stylish home worthy of a post or two at Houzz, yet harness the floor area to its full potential. The Internet is full of examples that show you how, including an article by freelance journalist Katie Arnold on Outside online magazine.

It's perfectly logical to prioritize the basics in space management (kitchen now, rumpus room later). However, should recreation come as an expense?

Not with convertible pool tables for sale.

A convertible pool table is the brainchild of a space-saving mind. By simply adding a tabletop, a functional pool table can double as a source of entertainment and place for nourishment. Pool tables such as the Ramesses model from Pharaoh Manufacturing eliminate the need for separate dining and recreation rooms, in keeping with the essence of tiny space living. Made out of the lumber of your choice, Ramessess pool tables can blend with the wooden motifs prevalent in many tiny homes. They're also light enough to be reoriented easily.

The table's function doesn't end there. A dining table can also be a worktable, conference table, laptop station, game table, reading table, and so on. While it can't assume all roles at once, it best exemplifies the idea of maximizing limited floor space.

The tabletops for pool tables come as an optional add-on from the best pool table manufacturers. You have a free hand in designing your own custom pool table to suit your entertainment and function needs. The makers can accommodate as much customization as you want, or work with you to come up with feasible solutions. An elegant pool/dining area that helps make a tiny home as desirable as any larger one just might be worthy of a feature on page or two of interior design glossies.

(Source: The Downsizing Uprising, Outside Magazine, November 19, 2014)

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