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Make Work Beyond Regular Hours Attractive with Modern Office Furniture

More Americans are spending time in the office, unable to hand work over for a vacation. In an article for The Nation, Laura Flanders writes:

"A study by a workforce consulting firm in 2011 reported that 70 percent of employees said they were leaving vacation days on the table. The vast majority of workers, meanwhile, would love some time off, but ours is the last rich country in the world where offering paid time off to workers is optional.

Americans work almost five weeks more a year than our contemporaries in Europe. Family leave is still unpaid under federal law, and the big bosses' lobbies are working like mad to scuttle paid sick days legislation coming out of states and cities."

With the contemporary reality of Americans spending time in their workplaces as if they were their homes, having a bland and uncomfortable workplace is no longer an option. With this work-obsessive culture on the rise, the need for quality office furniture becomes more urgent too.

Today's manufacturers are aware of the new statistics. Their awareness is displayed in their furniture's thoughtful designs and specialized functions. Due to their efforts to make furnishings even more ergonomic, modern office furniture has never been as comfortable and attractive as it is now.

Hard workers need not suffer in a computer chair for more than 10 hours; today's corporate chairs and sofas have been re-conceptualized and designed for maximum comfort. Desks and tables, too, have been refined. Companies like Pharaoh Manufacturing have placed a premium on using only the finest hard and exotic wood, and on selecting classic colors for their products.

Innovative contemporary furniture does not stop at the usual set of chairs, cabinets, and desks. Furniture for holding entertainment units has now also become an essential part of any workplace. Interrupted productivity is not going to be a problem; today's flat screen stands enable adjustable TV positioning. One can have their TV in their office space or not, whether for a presentation or for leisure, with just a push of a button.

At least, with good furniture, people who stay long hours at the office can have the best of both worlds: a conducive work environment offering vacation-like comfort.

(Source: Americans are working too damn hard, The Nation, August 22, 2013)

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