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Project Ideas from the Game Room Addition to Burbank’s Story Tavern

A recreation room can add a lot of value to any home or establishment, especially if it is designed with the utmost care for detail. In Burbank, California, that is what one local tavern did their best to accomplish, and the results are no less than fantastic. Natural wood finishes dominate the entirety of the patio and game room additions recently incorporated into the Story Tavern, which also hearken strongly to the establishment’s rich ties with local history.

The tavern takes its name from Burbank’s first mayor, Thomas Story, whose family occupied the hardware store that once stood on the establishment’s present site. It was only recently opened by a family that has lived in Burbank since the 1870s, but local history is its prevailing theme. It boasts a storied collection of antique décor, including old photographs that depict the city’s rich past as a center for aviation, film production, and manufacturing.

Following closely in the tavern’s historical spirit, the new additions also feature the same antiquated style and were completed so meticulously that they merited mention in a few Los Angeles publications, including Los Angeles Magazine. As such, they may also serve as a great resource for anyone looking for a reference on well-executed game room design.

Designing a family or recreation room

In designing Story Tavern, the tavern owners' long-time residency in Burbank and how they watched the city evolve and grow are clearly taken into account, as is their support of the Burbank Historical Society. Honoring the heritage of the tavern’s owners helped make that particular project more meaningful, not just to them but to everyone who encounters it as well.

That regard for the identity of the owners in executing the project serves a useful lesson for homeowners who have decided to undertake a similar project. When designing a family or recreation room, homeowners should see to it that the design accounts for their own identities or personalities. This effectively allows the room to become an extension of who they are and helps ensure their continual satisfaction in it.

Working with custom game or recreation room designers, like Pharaoh Manufacturing, will allow homeowners to incorporate their own identities into the design. With the customization options these designers can offer, the design can go anywhere from classic to modern to match homeowners’ tastes and characteristics.

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