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Tips for Buying Quality Home Office Furniture for Optimum Productivity

Posted by: Vaugh Cohen on November 10, 2014

Innovations in technology now allow people to work without them having to step out of their house. Even so, this option is not for everyone. writer Marcelle Yeager discusses how folks can make working from home work for them.

Tips for Buying Quality Home Office Furniture for Optimum Productivity

In order to get into work mode, you need to create a workspace – one that is off limits to the kids when they’re home. It could be an office nook or a completely separate office space with all the tools you need to do your job. Most importantly, you need to be reachable. Make sure you’re able to respond to emails and phone messages in a timely fashion. You may even be required to have a shared calendar that your team and manager can view.

Setting up a workspace at home doesn’t just entail quality computer equipment or software though; it also means buying quality home office furniture that ensure an ideal work environment. Those who plan to work from home should ensure that the right furniture pieces play a key role in their productivity. Here are some tips when shopping for furnishings for a home office:

Outline the needs

Stay-at-home careers have various requirements. For instance: writers, editors, and medical transcriptionists typically only need a standard-size office desk to set up their computer, while graphic designers will need a bigger desk for additional equipment like color laser printers. Stay-at-home jobs like wedding planning, meanwhile, entail a receiving area and/or a meeting space for their clients and vendors, so conference tables and sofas are essential.

Plan the layout

Choosing modern home office furniture also depends on how stay-at-home workers plan to use their space. A good option for maximizing space is the L-shaped layout, where one side of an L-shaped desk is placed against the wall. This layout provides sufficient room for people to use their computer equipment, keep paper files within reach, while giving them leeway to move around.

Consider ergonomics

Using computers for work tasks make people prone to repetitive stress injuries or RSI. To minimize RSI, people can use an ergonomic chair. This chair provides them with enough support for their back while they maintain an upright and relaxed arch position. This chair also allows them to rest their feet firmly on the ground while they work. Some manufacturers offer elegant swivel chairs that come with a height adjusting mechanism.

The possibilities in the work-from-home industry are endless. Yet for this option to be a success, people have to make sure they have a proper work environment. They can start by buying modern home office furniture from well-regarded manufacturers like Pharaoh Manufacturing.

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