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A Quality Game Room Makes for Battles of Wits and Sleights of Hand

Posted by: on December 16, 2014

Sometimes, friends who enjoy facing each other over a deck of cards prefer a place where they can get their game faces on. In an article for, Jennifer Blair of Demand Media says:

While you can hold your weekly card game at any table in your home, having a dedicated poker room is a dream come true for poker enthusiasts. But even if you're lucky enough to have a spare room, coming up with the right design for your poker room isn't always easy. The key is to combine comfort and style so you and your guests feel like you've stepped into the elegant poker room at your favorite casino.

Watching sessions of the World Poker Tour, or even movies where the characters plan dark schemes while playing poker, gives people a chance to socialize and enjoy the match. Some poker players will insist on having a special game room where they can play without being disturbed. That’s where companies like Pharaoh Manufacturing can be of service.


A unique game room design can mean utmost fun or awkward moments for all players the moment they step into a poker room. Blair suggests accounting for the room’s overall size in determining which colors will suit the poker room; the larger the size, the deeper the colors you will need. You can augment them with sufficient lighting options or wood paneling to add depth.

As for lighting, make sure the lights are not too bright or too dim so the players can still look clearly at their cards. You can still control the lighting levels through a dimmer switch just in case. Analyze the potential areas for better illumination.


Plan on acquiring the poker table and other assorted furniture once the design and remodel of the poker room is finished. Measure the area of the expected location where the poker table will be set up; this will help choose a table that can sit a certain number of players. Arrange for comfortable custom leather chairs and table padding to ease pressure on the players’ arms.


Consider adding a spot for food and drinks to aid in certain sessions; a refrigerator works in this regard. Add a few chairs and an extra table for other guests. Plan on decorating the walls too; some of your friends may like the décor, such as old movie posters.

A poker room located in a discreet section of the home can be wonderful if you like having friends over once in a while. Have fun and play fair!

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