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Action, Chance, and the Craps Table: The Basics of the Craps Game

Gambling has always been a favourite pastime of many Americans, which is why cities like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and New Orleans have seen to it that their visitors could always feel the thrill of gaming and winning. Today, many people have taken this hobby to their homes (legally, of course), what with game rooms having everything from craps tables to poker and blackjack set-ups. If you want to host a game of craps for your next game night, you should know the basics of the game first.

The Game

Essentially, craps is a dice game where players get to bet on the outcome of rolling a pair of dice. The players can either bet against each other, in a mode commonly known as street craps, or they can play against a “bank”, as is the common setting in casinos. Craps can be very easy to play, since it requires very few equipment.

The Table

What it does need though, is a long, rectangular table with raised edges and a surface covered in felt. The felt is marked with diagrams where the bets could be placed. There are separate sections for hardway bets and one roll bets, as well as other sections for Come, Field, Pass Line, and various other bets.

The Dealers

There are at least three workers involved in a casino-level game of craps. Foremost is the boxperson, who supervises everything and even settles disputes. Beside the boxperson stands two dealers who keep track of players’ bets and increase or decrease their chips accordingly. Lastly, the stickperson manages the dice and delivers them to the shooter via a stick.

The Shooter

A craps table can accommodate up to eight players, and each one could be the shooter. According to

"The shooter is the player who rolls the dice. The dice are thrown so that they hit the back wall at the end of the table opposite the shooter. Every player takes turns being the shooter, with turns rotating clockwise around the table. When a new shooter steps up to roll, the stickperson pushes several sets of dice up to him so he can select the pair he wants to use."

If you think this game is exciting enough to play at your next casino night party, then you should start looking for durable craps tables for sale. Firms like Pharaoh Manufacturing should be able to provide you with a quality, casino-standard table made from only the hardiest materials.

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