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Billiards Table Sizes: Choose the Size to Match Skills and Preference

Posted by: on December 02, 2014

For the longest time, many people have been confused about snooker and billiards, believing these are the same game. This is due in large part to their similarities--from the appearance of the games and their equipment, to the way they are played. A closer look at both table games will show you, however, that apart from the use of cues and marble balls, they are actually two different sports.

In a game of snooker, players must pot a colored ball then a red ball in succession in order to score the most points. Pool or billiards, on the other hand, has various types of games – 8-ball, 9-ball, and Killers, to name a few. Snooker has 22 balls – 15 red balls, 6 colored balls, and the white ball; billiards or pool has 16 numbered balls, and a cue ball. These variances in game objectives mean differences in equipment and play areas, many of which may be too subtle to be detected by the untrained eye.

For instance, snooker cues tend to be slimmer than pool or billiard cues. Snooker balls are also smaller than billiard balls – 2 1/8 inches compared to 2 7/16; however, they usually weigh the same.

Regarding table dimensions, snooker tables are generally 12 x 6 feet long, while pool and billiard tables measure between 7 to 9 feet in length, and 3.5 to 5 feet in width. There are more variations in sizes especially on tables for home use, which may even be customized according to individual preferences. Generally, however, snooker tables have larger dimensions because the game needs more space to accommodate a bigger number of balls.

To make the matter of table sizes even more confusing, there is also English pool, which is played the same as American pool, only on comparatively smaller-sized tables. According to an article in, table size reflects familiarity with the game. In England, snooker is more popular than pool, so English pool tables are smaller to accommodate beginners who have not thoroughly mastered pool games.

On the other hand, Americans love billiards and pool far more than snooker, such that a home billiards table is not unusual. The dimensions of these tables vary and may even be customized to accommodate different skill levels and room sizes. In addition to this, the best pool and billiard table makers like Pharaoh Manufacturing also offer products made from a variety of materials, and of different designs to match one’s interiors.

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