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Craps Table Etiquette Needed to Enjoy the Game at Home or a Casino

Posted by: on December 15, 2014

Whenever you participate in a game, there are certain rules and decorum you should observe to ensure that all participants enjoy themselves. This holds true for casino games, especially in craps – a fast-paced game that will test not only your luck but also your patience, from bad rolls, other players, and your dealer. As such, you have to exhibit proper craps table etiquette.

Making Nice with the Dealer

According to an article on, one of the main tenets of craps table etiquette is to be respectful of the house dealer. Casino dealers are consummate professionals, and when they are treated in bad taste, the entire game could get ruined. To prevent this from happening, you have to properly state your bets so that your dealer can hear them correctly. Also, throwing the dice the correct way and not taking too much time with dice-tossing rituals will make the game go more smoothly, and easy for the dealer to oversee.

Tossing the Dice

Speaking of dice rituals, most dealers who are in-charge of a craps table will stop the game when a player uses two hands to shake the dice or is taking too long with his or her pre-roll rituals. Game stoppage slows down the game and take away some of the enjoyment, so it’s best to just keep your rolls short and sweet.

Care of the Play Area

As for the craps table itself, you should also observe proper care of the play area. Don’t snuff out your cigarette on the table, or place your beverage on the felt. Doing so is a sign of disrespect and could upset the dealers and your fellow players.

Taking the Fun at Home

Craps is a fun and exhilarating game, especially on parties and get-togethers. If you want to practice your rolls at home, or be your own house dealer and have fun with friends in private, consider sleek craps tables for sale from companies like Pharaoh Manufacturing. These makers have an assortment of finely-crafted products made from the best materials, and designed for functionality to keep a game going smoothly.

Even on a game at home, of course, observing proper craps table etiquette will ensure fun and excitement for everyone.


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