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Designing a Basement Game Room: Having Fun Not Quite Below the Surface

Posted by: on December 04, 2014

People with a modestly-sized house will want some space for pure recreation purposes. An entry in the Easy Home Decorating Ideas blog states one potential candidate:

A finished basement is the perfect place for a game room. Most basements are large open spaces that can store large items that have no place in the rest of the house.

The above may be true for many people whose basements are large enough not to look out of place in a Cold War bunker. In many cases, a basement is also good for a little cold when the temperature’s too high outside, given ample insulation and moisture control. If you push ahead with creating a recreation area in your basement, a company skilled in game room design like Pharaoh Manufacturing will be ready to sit down with you and make your ideas a reality.


Basements normally do not have the ample lighting that the above floors have, but now you will need to prepare your budget to remodel the place first and set up the lights. Some lighting experts recommend using lights near a bright wall to trick the eye into seeing natural light. Your redecorator may aid in how to make it happen based on your designs.


Many basement game rooms will sport hardwood flooring as a layer over the regular cement floor. At the same time though, you must have the remodeling team deal with moisture and potential leaks in the concrete and plumbing before the wooden floor planks are ever installed.

The Game Pieces

If you’ve finished remodeling the basement, time to get started on the game room furniture pieces you want for the place. Make sure they are the kind that your friends enjoy playing elsewhere. A company like Pharaoh Manufacturing aids in this endeavor through its line of casino equipment like poker tables, craps tables, pool tables, and poker tables. A couple of classic arcade games may work if you have the space and power.


Some of your guests may prefer relaxing when taking a break from the games. Don’t forget to set up a section of the game room for a living room furniture set, but sufficiently distanced from the game furniture. The blog article recommends setting up a refrigerator for cold drinks and snacks; your game room provider may up the experience with a bar on one side of the room. Add an audio-video suite as well.

Turning your basement into a game room may be a wonderful option if you don’t need much storage space. On the bright side, you and your loved ones will not have to go out to have some fun.

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