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Hitting the Sturdy Craps Table and Dispel Fears on Rolling the Dice

Posted by: Vaugh Cohen on November 4, 2014

Setting up a craps table at home may be fine when you have friends who love playing over at your place. Even though you’re the host and someone else is managing the table, isn’t it time that you took charge and threw the dice yourself? A writer going under the pseudonym Eastcoastgambler wrote in the Las Vegas travel blog Vegas Chatter:

Hitting the Sturdy Craps Table and Dispel Fears on Rolling the Dice

Many people find craps to be the best game in the casino for a lot of reasons. This writer is one of those people … you might want to quit being afraid of craps, step up to the table and roll the bones.

Rolling in at a craps table can be exhilarating even as a crowd builds up and cheers with your every roll. When that is one of many quality craps tables for sale that companies like Pharaoh Manufacturing have, it may be a more different experience, but why should you try the game to begin with?

Easy Buy-In

Buying into a craps game will not be that hard on your wallet. The blog writer said you can expect to pay not more than $10 worth of chips at the most, but you do not have to pay for any bets when there’s a roll in play. You will be tasked to do your first roll, or “come out” and mark a point number which you must hit; as long as the dice adds between four and six or eight and ten, you can continue rolling, but your turn ends if you hit seven.

Gradual Winnings

Rolling in craps can carry a fair chance of increasing your winnings. Depending on the state of rolls, you can raise the odds and try to not to hit seven as much as possible. He cited the case of betting $1 on a 30-1 odds and landing $30 then won $900 on the same odds.

Winning Odds

Some players say you do not have to learn all the rules the first time you hit the table, but the odds of winning something can be easy. According to Eastcoastgambler, a 1.41% house advantage is up when the shooter is rolling a passline bet, but it can be cut to nothing if you raise the odds on the passline. This makes it easy to score as opposed to games like blackjack and roulette. All you need to do is to bet on a certain point when it’s established and a roll is set.

A good roll at the craps table, whether you are the one running the place or not, can bring loud cheers to everyone in attendance. It’s even better when your rolls were the reason why.

(Source: 7 Reasons You Should Play Craps, Vegas Chatter, August 1, 2012)

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