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Increasing Employees' Drive and Motivation with Custom Pool Tables

To produce the finest work possible, people often need a healthy mixture of motivation, privacy, and relaxation in their own office spaces. More and more companies are realizing this fact and are beginning to adapt the design and furnishings at their workplaces to address their employees' needs.

One of the easiest ways to enhance employee satisfaction is to set up an office recreational area where everyone can move freely. An article from Simple Web reveals why installing custom pool tables in your workplace can help motivate and push your employees to do better at their work:

It makes them happy.

While you compensate your employees to work, they are also entitled to some form of relaxation during the day. Lunch and snack breaks help them recharge and feel refreshed after long working hours. Having a pool table in the office can give them something to do during break times and can offer them a brief respite from the numerous tasks that they need to accomplish within the day.

It shows them that you care.

Most likely, your employees stare at their computer screens all day, making them vulnerable to eye strain and body fatigue. Giving your employees some breathing space, by enabling them to play pool, makes them feel that they're being rewarded and cherished for all their intensive work and dedication. Moreover, letting employees take timeouts aids them to get more work done, as their minds need a rest period to recover from fatigue.

It strengthens relationships.

Playing games of pool against each other fosters healthy competition and encourages more conversations between your employees. At the pool table, they can get in touch with each other more, which can make it easier for them to approach each other for help with crucial tasks.

Author and researcher Tom Rath supports that having friends at work makes your employees seven times more likely to be engaged in their jobs and more likely to innovate and share their ideas.

With proper equipment, comfortable furniture, and a leisure space, you can create a conducive and exciting office that balances work and play. If you want to acquire the best pool tables so your employees can look forward to working, you can ask reliable manufacturers like Pharaoh Manufacturing for customized solutions so the pool tables will fit your office layout. Bespoke tables usually endure a lifetime of intense playing sessions. Your employees will appreciate the time and effort that you put for them and will tend to become more loyal to you and your company.

(Source: Why your office needs a pool table, Simple Web, November 13, 2013)

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