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Proper Craps Table Etiquette: Even a Simple Game has Strict Protocols

Posted by: on December 03, 2014

In personal game rooms and casinos, the popular craps table is often among the rowdiest spots. It is easy to see why. Craps in itself is an exciting game, as it doesn’t require superior skills and thus offers limitless opportunities for anybody to win.

Still, “rowdy” doesn’t have to mean complete lack of decorum. There is a code of proper conduct observed at every craps table anywhere, and an article on gives a brief idea of what proper craps etiquette means to the game experience:

There was no mocking of other players’ bets and nothing said or done that would potentially be seen as derogatory. Players would tip the dealers for proper advice and when there was a good roll the players toked the shooter along with the dealers. It was great camaraderie. This is why people love craps. There was respect for the players, dealers and the game.

It’s easy to comprehend why etiquette is a vital part of such a game, especially one designed to get people together and have fun. Here are a few pointers for proper craps etiquette.

To get things started, it’s important to be mindful when rolling the dice. For instance, take note of the so-called “rituals.” It isn’t really necessary to utter chants, and blow on or kiss the dice; but players are still allowed to do a ritual for better luck as long as they keep it short. When rolling, always use one hand as this method is intended to prevent dice-swapping.

Also, be well aware that most craps players are superstitious. One widespread superstition is the prohibition of uttering the word “seven,” as doing so is considered bad luck. If one player says the word “seven” and the dice lands on the number, they risk being thrown sharp looks and all the blame for lost bets. Logically, of course, this doesn’t make much sense; but respecting traditions and widely-held beliefs wouldn’t hurt anyone.

The last few rules involve overall playing decorum. For one, tipping the dealers is always recommended—after all, they play a major role in a player winning a bet. Leaning and sitting down at the table is also prohibited; craps is supposed to be a standing game.

All the aforementioned rules aren’t meant to kill the fun, but rather foster a better atmosphere among players—something which should be aimed for, whether at a casino, or from the privacy of your home. As for the latter, games of craps at home could mean a few etiquette rules can be broken in the spirit of fun. Look for exquisite craps tables for sale at dealers like Pharaoh Manufacturing, and have friends over for rousing but friendly games.

(Source: When Playing Craps, don’t be Crappy,, August 8, 2011)

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