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Shopping for Pool Tables for Sale? Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Buying pool tables for sale from reliable manufacturers like Pharaoh Manufacturing can be a huge investment, with payoff being in hours of entertainment or actual money, depending on how you choose to use it. One excellent way to make sure that your investment pays off is to ensure that you can properly clean and maintain it so it lasts for a long time without giving in to wear and depreciation.

Shopping for Pool Tables for Sale? Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Keep Chalk Away

Remember that the felt top is among the most sensitive parts of your entire pool table. It can be damaged or subject to wear if you allow players to chalk up right on top of it, such that the dust falls on the surface. This is why it’s important to brush it over right after each game, and follow it up by running a vacuum over the pelt for good measure.

Minimize Sun Exposure

According to Billiards Digest, too much sun can also severely damage your pool table:

"Obviously, sunlight will fade the cloth. It can also bleach the table's finish. If you're dead set on playing in natural light, Atkisson suggests you investigate window glass with a film that blocks ultraviolet light, or investing in old-fashioned shutters or blinds. Of course, reason would also dictate buying and using a table cover, no matter what the surroundings."


If you live with a pet or two, you might want to keep them away from walking around or sleeping on your pool table. Similarly, whenever someone spills something on the table, be sure to have it spot-cleaned immediately. Moisture damage is one of the worst things that could befall your pool table, and it will damage not only the appearance of the felt, but its very structural integrity itself.

If you are aiming for a really durable and long-lasting, not to mention stylish and customized pool table for sale, then be ready to shell out. Nevertheless, as long as you take good care of your equipment and never leave it to disuse and neglect, it will always be an investment well spent on.

(Source: POOL TABLE CARE AND MAINTENANCE 101, Billiards Digest)

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