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Spotting Makes of Custom Pool Tables for Your Cool Office Game Room

Posted by: Vaugh Cohen on November 17, 2014

When it comes to ideal workplaces, leading tech companies today have set the bar pretty high. With innovative and fun office design concepts, they aim to attract talented applicants and keep employees motivated, particularly the game-changing millennials who just love those ideas.

Kate Harrison, Forbes contributor, asked tech companies what the most attractive employee perks for them are. Game rooms were one of the resounding responses.

Spotting Makes of Custom Pool Tables for Your Cool Office Game Room

Not surprisingly, a lot of companies have game rooms with classic games (e.g., pool, darts, and foosball) as well as arcade games.

Employers want their employees to have fun, which raises commitment and creativity levels, but bosses also feel that their companies get a lot more out of having game dens. As Jay Graves, CTO of Double Encore (a mobile design and development agency) explaines, “I like these types of things because they bring people together who might not normally interact on a day-to-day basis. Foosball, darts, and video games are games that people play in pairs, teams, or groups. Spending time together, both while working and ‘off the clock,’ are key to (creating) a company’s culture – especially one that depends largely on collaborative efforts.” His company just added Marvel v. Capcom to their “game corridor.”

In revamping your office lounge, a recreation area would be a good bet to please your staff, and classic games like pool can delight many of your employees, regardless of the generation they belong to. If you already have a great room and you just need to furnish it, here are some tips for spotting a special make of custom pool tables for a cool game room in your office:

Define your style.

Will the room’s vibe be fun, quirky, and laidback or refined, sleek, and chic? Set the tone with the colors, designs, and makes of the pool table.

Decide how many you need.

“The more, the merrier” don’t always apply, and you won’t want the game room to look crowded either. One or two typically 8 or 9-feet tables may be enough.

Don’t forget the extras.

Complete the setup with pool balls, cue sticks and racks, and other must-haves for games. You can even find all-inclusive billiard accessory sets for official games, and table covers to protect your table.

Look for a renowned company like Pharaoh Manufacturing for top-of-the-line modern pool tables and other items to build a nifty game room that your employees will surely enjoy.

(Source: The Most Popular Employee Perks Of 2014, Forbes, February 19, 2014)

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