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The Game is On: Bringing Design – and the Poker – to the Game Room

No matter what people say, game is serious play. From the strict mechanics of a card game to the required playing equipment, gaming is a space where discipline thrives. In the very act of designing a game room, for instance, guidelines continue to exist.

Pool Table

Mike Kelly of Men's Hideaway suggests a few things before you start filling up that room with game items. Firstly, you have to maintain a clear idea of the interiors of your ideal game room. By idea, he means that you know what type of game/s the room will house, who will be playing in it, and where in the house will it be.

Visualizing your game room beforehand enables you to know what type of game purchases you need to make. This also reminds you of the need to measure these items to make sure it fits the area in the room properly. Kelly says that "this will help you narrow down the actual games and furniture you can fit."

For example, if you prefer traditional home poker and live in a state like California where it is permitted, you need quality custom Round Poker tables which a game room furniture company like Pharaoh Manufacturing can provide you.

Once you've decided on your game space's theme, Kelly suggests accessorizing the room. Neon lights, bars and mirrors, chairs and bar stools – you name it; accessories help personalize a place, creating an atmosphere intensified by ambiance.

Building a game room is as serious as the game played in it. There are companies, while serious in their businesses, are as dedicated as you are in getting the most fun out of game rooms. Achieve that dream room with a game furniture company now.

(Source: How To – first steps to designing a game room, Men's Hideaway, 1 Oct 2011)

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