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The Perfect Man Cave: Choosing the Right Room for Custom Pool Tables

If you want to customize your rec room set, you should look into choosing custom pool tables from reputable distributors like Pharaoh Manufacturing. However, even if you don’t exactly have a set space for your personal man cave at home, you can still buy a table, and then it’s all just a matter of looking for the right spot to put it in.

The Perfect Man Cave: Choosing the Right Room for Custom Pool Tables


Many homes that don’t exactly have a den or a special recreation space opt to moonlight their garage as one instead. Chances are, your garage will still have a lot of extra space even with your car inside. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to set up your pool table, call up the guys, grab a few beers and play pool all night, surrounded by that manly “garage in use” atmosphere

Dining Table

One of the best ways to make extra space is to let some things in your house have extra work – did you know you could convert your pool table as a dining table, too? Simply install a removable dining table top for the fixture and what you’ve got is an amazingly practical way to maximize space without sacrificing functionality.


If these still don’t suit you, an article from Yahoo! Voices says that you should just take it outside instead:

"That long, spacious sunroom on the back of your house can also make a perfect personal pool hall. I even know a couple who added a new enclosed screen room onto the back of their home because there was no room in the house for a pool table. […] Just be sure to include storm windows to keep the weather out and the fun in."

The great thing about durable modern pool tables is that they can now be customized to a shape and color that speaks to you or your place in general. This makes it a lot easier to fit into your home like the perfect puzzle piece that it’s always been missing.

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