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Tips on Selecting Modern Office Furniture: Bring a Bit of Character

Sticking to the conventions can be boring. Sometimes, you have to inject a little bit of creativity and character to your workspace to make it your own. After all, having a conducive office that reflects your personality can somehow help in counteracting your daily stressors.

Tips on Selecting Modern Office Furniture: Bring a Bit of Character

An excerpt from a Reader’s Digest article gives helpful tips on customizing your cubicle:

"Start with the walls

Cover boring gray walls with wallpaper, craft paper, colorful fabric, or even Astroturf. Attach them with Velcro tape.

Create a fake window

Hang a large piece of art or an enlarged photo of a scene that inspires you, such as an ocean view or a landscape. Frame it with lightweight window molding, and voila! You’ve got a faux picture window.


A few framed photos, a vase, a small sculpture, or some inspirational quotes tacked onto your bulletin board can all add visual interest and personality to your cubicle. You can also throw down an area rug to define your space.

Alter the lighting

A small table lamp with a warm natural-light bulb will counteract your office’s harsh fluorescent lighting.

Make it inviting

Make visitors to your cube feel welcome by getting a mini espresso machine or a candy dish full of treats."

That creative streak

When purchasing office furniture desks, go for ones that not only look good, but are also functional. Essentially, the style should match the image of the room, and it should also subtly blend with the existing decor. You may also consider having ergonomic custom office furniture offered by suppliers like Pharaoh Manufacturing so you can be hands-on with your desired style.

The type of material should also be included on the list. Whether you opt for metal or wood, what matters is that it suits your budget and needs. Moreover, the process of selecting a stylish modern office furniture can be simplified if you work with reputable craftsmen in the field.

(Source: Creative Ways to Personalize Your Workspace, Reader’s Digest)

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