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Using Pool Tables for Sale and Other Furniture for an Upscale Bar

Posted by: on December 09, 2014

How do you choose a theme for a small restaurant and bar? Lorri Mealey, restaurant industry expert, provides some advice. Being an owner of some food businesses herself, Mealey recommends studying the location and food industry trends to whip up a winning concept. Above all, you have to know the characteristics and preferences of your prospective customers.

Who’s Your Audience?

White collar? Blue Collar? Families? Men? Women? Who do you hope to attract to your restaurant? What appeals to one group of customers may not necessarily appeal to other groups. For example, what might entice families with small children won’t necessarily work on single, white collar office workers looking for a beer and dinner after work. Identifying your restaurant audience will help to further shape your concept. It will determine things like hours of operation, seating capacity, design and décor of the dining room, and menu items and prices. For example, if your audience is families with younger children, you don’t need to be open until midnight or have a full service sports bar.

The theme influences several things about the establishment. It would set the ambiance of the place, the target market it serves, and the way services are conducted. It’s also a deciding factor in the interior design, which should be consistent with your business concept and appealing to your audience.

Suiting an Upscale Theme

If you’re building an upscale restaurant and bar or pub, you have to use modern furniture and sleek game room equipment, such as a sophisticated pool table for sale. You have to consider the quality of these furnishings and their aesthetic value in suiting your classy theme.

Look for pieces made of high-grade materials to give the space a refined, luxurious feel. Consider the likes of Red Oak or Maple lumber, Formica/wood finish, granite, and stainless steel (for bar and pool table surfaces, countertops, and pool table columns). Choose warm tones like dark rosewood, mahogany, and ebony for a more urbane ambiance, and find bars with mirrors and well-designed shelving that allows you to display your best liquors.

If you have an Old World pub theme, use classic billiards tables. With intricately carved edges, top-quality wood selection, and superior workmanship, these striking billiards tables will surely serve as statement pieces that customers and guests will love and return to.

Game room equipment manufacturers like Pharaoh Manufacturing provide various options that will suit either your contemporary or traditional tastes. You can even request for custom pool tables for sale for bar furnishings that fit your design visions exactly.

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