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Pharaoh Manufacturing Features Sleek, High-Quality Billiard Tables

Glendale, California (January 17, 2014) – Pharaoh Manufacturing is offering high-quality billiard tables that come in various styles and sizes all tailored according to the buyer’s preferences. The renowned company prides itself in providing local and international clients with handmade gaming and office furniture, all featuring artistry and craftsmanship that does not sacrifice function.

For more than two decades, the company has committed itself in ensuring customer satisfaction through innovative designs evident from the smallest details on each of the products offered. When it comes to billiards, customers have turned to the company for table designs that boast of contemporary or traditional styles. While each of the products can make for a decorative piece, all of the tables are fully functional and can be used in an actual game.

Whether customers prefer a simple table like the company’s Ramesses billiard table, or something that features intricate details like the St. Leone billiard table, Pharaoh Manufacturing can produce elegant and stylish works of art. It all starts with the materials carefully chosen to guarantee a smooth and perfect game of billiards, especially on the playing surface where the action takes place. The company uses only fine quality slate that comes from Brazil for its durability and flat surface.

For other components, the premium quality materials that can be used are fine leather, and maple and lumber products that can be finished with Formica, veneer, or aluminum for a clean and sleek look. Customers can also choose from the company’s selection of billiards wool felt in different colors to personalize their order. With the excellent craftsmanship produced, customers can have a great time with playing a game of billiards.

Pharaoh Manufacturing makes it easy to make design selections by employing sales representatives that will guide clients through the process and address their needs to ensure that each order is placed correctly. The sales representative will also ensure that customers are satisfied with the ordering process so that the product delivered matches their expectations.

The company also offers other gaming tables including poker, blackjack, craps, shuffleboard, and roulette. To learn more about the company and their range of billiard tables for sale, visit today.

About Pharaoh Manufacturing

Throughout the company’s years of service in the industry, countless satisfied customers have come to admire the quality, craftsmanship, and innovative designs featured in each of the products they have bought. The company offers their handmade products with pride and assurance that customers can enjoy their customized furniture for years to come.

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