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Pharaoh Manufacturing Offers Fully Customizable Craps Table Designs

Glendale, California (January 17, 2014) – Pharaoh Manufacturing is offering fully customizable craps table designs to meet the unique specifications of clients. A celebrated manufacturer and distributor of handmade office equipment and gaming furniture, the company enables clients to have a personalized gaming table by providing a range of options that can be applied to each product.

The company’s products are all handmade by skilled and experienced craftsmen so customers can be assured of excellent craftsmanship that can be seen down to the smallest details. Despite this, the company boasts of the fastest production time that still maintains exceptional quality. Because Pharaoh Manufacturing is confident that the products they offer will live up to each client’s expectations, they offer a lifetime warranty for every product produced.

The company offers Luxor, Cleopatra, and H-Type craps tables. Each of these types can be customized depending on the buyer’s preferences. They also feature removable padded armrests so that players can lean comfortably after playing craps for a long time. The layout of the table itself can be modified with a selection of felt colors and fabric so clients can have more freedom on what their table should look like.

Should customers have a specific design and layout in mind for the table, they can just submit the plans and Pharaoh Manufacturing will do the rest. These plans can contain their own ideas and also their own logo, if they have one. Alternatively, customers can choose to have the company’s designers make a custom layout or simply opt for the standard layout that features the company’s icon.

Whatever the customizations specified by the buyer, the company uses the finest materials available for any of the components from the legs to the playing surface to the finishing. Whether they prefer Formica or a veneer finish, customers can expect a high-quality gaming table delivered to their specified location, local or international.

Pharaoh Manufacturing proudly offers a range of gaming and office furniture handcrafted to meet the customer’s specifications. Interested parties who are looking for craps tables for sale may visit and follow the steps to customize their order.

About Pharaoh Manufacturing

For more than two decades, the company has been providing exceptional customer service through their range of premium quality office and gaming furniture and accessories. They make it easy for customers to obtain their ideal game room and office equipment by providing customizable choices for each of their products when it comes to size, color, style, and design.

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