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Custom Game Room Design Built to Impress

You know a person's come a long way when they set their eyes on giving their home that little something extra that sets it apart from the rest. When they start thinking about the pros and cons of each game room design they look into, we know they've reached a point where they deserve nothing but the best. That's why at Pharaoh Manufacturing, we're ready to bring your designs to life and give you the look that you've been searching for.

An Unsurpassed Level of Customization

Game room design can be done in a wide range of styles and looks, and it's surprising how much flexibility you can have when it comes to customization. This is one of the biggest differences between us and our competitors – our dedication to providing designs, products, and service, that takes into account our clients' individual vision.

It's about making sure that whatever it is they're looking for, we have the materials, skills, and experience to do it right. While other manufacturers are content to present their clients with a modest selection of options, our team at Pharaoh puts full control over the design options in the hands of our clients. Almost every single one of our products allows for nearly limitless personalization, ranging from your choice of wood or Formica finishes, layout options, as well as size.

After all, if you're designing a game room for your home or business, isn't it better for you to have as much freedom available during the entire process?

From Classic to Modern – The Possibilities are Endless

With over 20 years of experience in custom game room and office furniture manufacturing, Pharaoh Manufacturing has been recognized as an industry leader and our designs have evolved to match our clients' needs. Together with our team of skilled craftsmen and visionary designers, we've partnered with numerous customers, both private and commercial, to create one-of-a-kind products.

Because creating the perfect look for your game room is so much more than just buying a pool table, some chairs, and calling it a day. We know our clients want so much more than just the average, and this is why we dedicate all our time to working with you from start to finish. This brings an unsurpassed level of professional service that is flexible enough to accommodate any demands you might have.

Call our team at 888-545-0066 to find out more.

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