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Fully Customizable Luxury Game Room Furniture

You have never seen anything like Pharaoh Manufacturing's custom-made game room furniture! Our products have a unique, sleek and modern approach that will give your recreation room a look like no other. Every game room product is handmade in our California facility by master craftsmen with care and precision using high quality materials. Innovative, beautiful and functional, we are on the cutting-edge of manufacturing game room and office furniture.

Total Customization

One thing that sets Pharaoh Manufacturing apart from other manufacturers of similar products is our intention to provide you with the unique opportunity to customize your entire game room or office from top to bottom. Whatever color, size or material you like or pieces you need, we will bend over backwards to match your specifications!

Design your game room from the pool table to matching furniture and accessories. No one else in this industry offers such complete and total custom design for your gaming pad. With over 20 years in the business, we have satisfied the needs of thousands of customers by allowing them to customize their sets down to the smallest detail.

Let us do the same for you! Order yours online today by going to our “How To Order” page, or for more information call 818-553-6655 to talk to one of our sales representatives.

Choosing Your Product

At Pharaoh Manufacturing, we have organized our game products into 3 main lines – Cleopatra, Luxor, and the Poker Series – as a starting point to begin customization. Each line has its own style and appeals to different people according to their character. You can decide which style fits your personality and your game room design ideas the best.

Once you've selected which of our premier product lines you prefer, then you can pick out which kind of gaming tables or extras you would like from our product types. These include:

  • Black Jack Tables
  • Round Poker Tables
  • Texas Hold'em Tables
  • Craps Tables
  • Billiard Tables
  • Roulette Tables
  • Lighting and Cue Racks
  • Bar and Mirror
  • Chairs and Bar Stools
  • Accessories

With the help of our staff, you can then select the materials you would like your game room furniture to be made with. Choose from various types of wood, vinyl, layout and more to make your design your own.

Our handmade products will give you a lifetime of enjoyment and good times. Let Pharaoh Manufacturing show you how to bring your vision to life and bring your recreation to a whole new level of class and style. Contact us today and get your game on!

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