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Pharaoh Manufacturing—The Billiards Table Kings!

Pharaoh Manufacturing: Our name says it all. We make custom game room products that are fit for a king! One of our most popular product types is our billiards table. Sleek, elegant, and superior in quality, you will feel like royalty when you have one of your very own customized billiard tables from Pharaoh.

For quality, craftsmanship and design, you will find few who can equal what we are offering. Each one is handmade using the materials and style of your choice at our Glendale, California facility by highly skilled artisans. We use only top grade maple, red oak, and other high quality wood products to give you a superior product that will last a lifetime.

Slated to Win!

When we make a billiards table, we aren’t making a pretty piece of game room furniture to just sit there and be admired. Although, designed by some of the world’s top designers, they can actually be considered works of art. But more than that, they are designed to give you an excellent gaming experience.

The most important feature of a pool table as far as playing billiards is concerned, is the bed. A perfectly smooth, hard, and flat bed is necessary to make the most accurate shot. Any imperfection can send the ball going in a whole other direction, ruining your shot.

All of our billiard table beds are made with the best Brazilian Slate, famous for its hardness. Each one is precision ground to very high tolerance of flatness for a smooth play. Ranging from 1 to 1 ¼ inches, this is a bed that will keep your ball rolling smooth and straight, right into the genuine leather pockets of your Pharaoh master piece!

Custom Wool Cloth

No matter how fine the slate is, if you don’t have the proper covering on the actual playing surface of your bed, the quality will be compromised. We use a high quality pool cloth made of wool which makes for an impeccable playing surface. Using the proper cover helps the ball roll faster and influences the amount of swerve and deflection of the ball, allowing for a lot more finesse in your game.

For customization purposes, we do not recommend printing layouts on your cover, as this will also compromise your game play. However, to customize your bed, we do offer a very wide selection of colors to choose from for your wool cloth, to add that personal touch.

Contact Pharaoh Manufacturing at 888-545-0066 to speak with one of our expert representatives today!

Custom Polyester Blend Cloth

We now offer fully custom printing on our polyester blend layouts. Add any design or logo to your layout!

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