Craps Table For Sale With Custom Layouts

There are not many companies offering a craps table for sale where you can have a custom layout applied to your playing bed. But with Pharaoh Manufacturing that is exactly what you get. We can apply one of our standard signature designs, or have our talented designers make an original one for you. Or if you like, you can submit your own custom design.

What ever layout you choose, it is all included in the price of your table. We will work closely with you to create a layout that meets your specifications and standards. You can incorporate special designs and patterns into the layout to match your game rooms theme, in addition to the many other customization options available.

Creating Your Craps Table Layout

To create layouts on your craps table we use a special process called dye sublimation that allows us to print various designs and logos on the bed fabric. This technique is superior to other methods such as silk screen printing. Dye sublimation embeds beautiful colors permanently into the bed fabric, rather than just on the surface.

With this process your designs won't fade, crack, chip, peel or scratch, from constant use and the roll of the dice. Also there are no bumpy ink prints as with the silk screen process to interfere with the dice either. In this way you can have a craps table that looks great and has a smooth roll of the dice.

Special Fabric

We always use the best materials to construct our products, and the covering for the bed of your table is no exception. After all, that is where the game happens. The fabric we use is the latest innovation in gaming cloth. Water resistant and fire retardant, it also last 3 times longer than standard wool fabric.

This is the same fabric that is used in most of the major casinos. You may also elect to use wool cloth if you prefer a natural covering.

Choosing Your Layouts

Every craps table for sale we offer comes with the standard Pharaoh Signature layout. This is branded with the Pharaoh logo, which gives a sleek and modern look to your table. For a custom layout, you can have one of our talented designers create one that matches your vision. Add full color photography, designs, lettering and logos, whatever you can dream up, we will work with you to bring your concept to life.

Alternatively you can submit your own design, which we will gladly apply to your craps table.

Contact your Pharaoh representative for more information today Toll Free at 888 545 0066!


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