The Best Type of Poker Table Felt to Use for Your Poker Table

If you love the idea of having a professional poker game happening in your very own game room, you will want to have the best poker table you can buy. As a leading manufacturer of poker tables and other game room products, we take making the very highest quality tables very seriously, and want them to look fabulous. However, we also want them to offer the best in terms of game play.

We know that one of the most important things about your table's play-ability, is the poker table felt being used on the playing surface. The material you use plays a role in not only how your table looks, but how the cards slide across it.

For people who put a huge emphasis on cost and who are interested in spending the bear minimum of money, the choice is often to go with generic felt. This type of felt is what you see on most home poker tables. The problem is it is not as durable and smooth as a true gamer would want them to be.

When generic felt is used, you will find that in most cases, you are going to replace it after a few short years of play. This disadvantage actually does away with the benefit of the cheaper felt entirely. That's why when choosing which baize to use, you really need to take a moment to think of how invested you are with your table, and how long you plan to use it.

When looking at poker table felt, your best option is speed cloth. This type of felt is what professional casinos use. When you compare generic cloth to speed cloth, you'll immediately be able to tell the difference. Playing on generic cloth, your cards will likely flop on the table or get snagged as you slide them toward other players. This will never happen with speed cloth. When you use speed cloth, dealing cards across the table will definitely be a pleasure.

Our poker tables for sale use the finest speed cloth in the market. We also use the latest technology to print on them, so you get amazingly clear images that remain sharp for years. When you order a poker table from us, what you get is a table made of the finest quality materials, from felt, to wood, and everything else in between.

Contact Pharaoh today and let us customize and make a high quality poker table for your game room that will give you a lifetime of gaming enjoyment.

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