Leather Match Vinyl

About the Vinyl and Foam We Use on Our Products

Leather Match Vinyl (FAUX LEATHER)

Pharaoh Manufacturing uses only high quality materials such as top-grade wood veneer and Wood finish in the construction of our products. When it comes to the softer coverings such as the padded rails of a poker table or other product types we offer, we don't skimp on quality there either.

We use high grade leather match vinyl which has the same look and feel or real leather, but doesn't exhibit the same wear and tear usually found in leather. Cutting-edge resilience technology ensures resistance to fire, abrasion, bacteria, microbes, and stains. The vinyl comes in many colors so it is easy to match you game room product with the color of your room or your other furniture.

Whether it is the padding on a game room piece or the covering for an executive sofa, you will have the luxury of leather with out the luxurious price of leather.


We use special foam to provide the cushioning for different parts of tables like the armrest and main layout, and on other products we make. The foam we use is of the high-grade, open-cell type. The main characteristics of an open-cell foam are it has a softer, spongier appearance and a lower rigidity level than a closed-cell foam type.

Open-cell foam is also more environmentally friendly than its closed-cell counterpart. Open-cell uses a water-based blowing agent, which means water is used to make the foam expand during the manufacturing process. A water-blown foam is more environmentally-friendly because it is a natural product, and as we all know, the more natural the raw materials used, the safer the product.

Pharaoh Manufacturing wants to do what's right for the environment. Open-cell foam helps us achieve this goal. To ensure that our foam is of the highest quality possible, we only use open-cell foam manufactured in the United States.

For questions about the materials we use or the products we offer, please call Toll Free – 888 545 0066.

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